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Daily Devotional Practice - Week 6
More on Meditation, Journaling and Blocks

Journaling- we have touched briefly on little assignments you can do in your journal, like daily gratitude and journaling about your divination each day.  But there is so much more that journaling can help with.  Taking time to write down your daily thoughts can be so very healing, just to be able to release anything from the day that might of made you feel not right, or upset in some way.  Think of this type of daily journaling as inner magick or sould work.  Our true magick shines when we are at our best, but for most that means we need to do some deep work and make changes within.  Changes to how we think, changes to how we view others and how we respond to them and changes on our we view the world around us.  Perhaps after you journal about your day you can then journal about what you are grateful for, this way your ending on a positive note, which can make a huge difference.  Perhaps you start to dive into some shadow work daily (I will be discussing shadow work in my up coming Priestess course), but for now think of it as asking yourself the hard questions.  If a comment someone made to you that day upset you, try to understand why it did.  Try to discover the things that trigger you.  Daily reflection is a way to let go, and then to start fresh the next day.  And as time goes on and you look back at your journals an incredible thing starts to happen, you realize just how much you have grown, how your life has evolved, how the things that once weighed so heavy on you, no longer seem that big of a deal.  

Another type of journaling is creating a daily to do list, and then reflecting at the end of the day on your accomplishments.  This is a great way to start to learn how to create clear intentions for yourself.  Of course you don't want to set yourself up to fail by creating a mile long list that you know you can't finish.  Set reasonible goals for yourself and then at the end of the day during your reflection if you were unable to follow through on some, ask yourself why and journal about that.  But please I ask you end on a positive note, being grateful for what you did accomplish.  This practice can truly be transforming, because we begin to believe in our intention so that we are able to set even more.  

To end our 6 weeks together I want to stress that its important that you create a daily practice that is do able for you.  Even if that means just taking 5 minutes at first to say a prayer and thank the Goddess.  It doesn't have to be a long drawn out process, just a meaningful practice for you.  I can't stress enough our this is your journey, so allow your innerself to be your guide.  The most important thing is that you are successful in your daily practice.  As time goes on and it becomes a beautiful habit for you, perhaps then you can add to it.  Only you know what will be right for you, don't set yourself up to fail, you deserve success, you deserve this little time each day to connect to Goddess and your higher self, as mentioned before those you care about will benefit from your practice to, as your energy and outlook begins to brighten.

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