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Brighid Our Patroness* Goddess

“I will lead you home, I will guide you back, My waters will carry thee, My flame will guide thee."

—“SEA SONG FROM BRÍD,” Gemma McGowan


Goddess of fire and water, she is known to be healer, protector, and one of inspiration.  Known as the Goddess of hearth and home, the Celts of long ago called upon her to bless their homes and their flocks.  Beloved by so many, its no wonder she found herself transformed into a Saint once Christianity took over.  There are many stories of Brigid both as Goddess and Saint, and she is celebrated on February 1st, Imbolc, for she is the bringer of new life, the sign that spring will soon be arriving.  

Still to this day she is honored by so many, one of the most popular Goddesses of Celtic mythology.  Her sacred perpetual flame that was once extinquished in Kildare, again burns bright and many all over the world tend to her flame.  You will also find many taking long trips to visit the sacred wells that are named after her, hoping to be healed by the sacred waters.  

 I hope you will find her a Goddess of inspiration while you journey with us here at The Sisterhood of the Sacred Flame.  I hope you will call upon her when you are in need of healing and I hope you will join us in honoring her as a Flame keeper with Ord Brighideach.  

We her followers will continue to share her stories, so that she may be found in homes in the coming generations, to bless them and protect them as she has for so many years.

To learn more about our beloved partoness visit Ord Brighideach.

*I wanted to briefly touch upon the terms "Patron", "Patroness" and "Matron" in the spiritual community you will see people using all 3 to define the deity that they hold dear and spend alot of time in devotion with.  I know that some sisterhoods tend to use "Matron" stating its the feminine form of  "Patron", however that is incorrect, when you actually look up the defination of matron it doesn't hold the same strong meaning.  Matron is a mature woman that is married and/or a woman supervisor, where a Patroness is a woman that is honored as a special guardian, protector and supporter.  Of course in your personal practice you can use whichever term feels rights for you, but here at The Sisterhood of the Sacred Flame we will be using the term "Patroness".  I hope this clarification was helpful, I have seen it discussed so many times in groups and felt it was important to include.

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