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Future Offering

More information to come once class is ready to be released.

The course will be designed as 19 montly lessons.  A link for each lesson will be emailed to you.  Once you have completed the month long journey you will be submitting an email to Sorcha for feedback and also for the link of the next lesson.

This course is both for beginners and those that have been on a spiritual path for many years, as we work through so much, from nature spirituality, magick, healing and shadow work.  We will be working with ritual, spells, the wheel of the year, meditation, meeting and journeying with your guides, affirmations, journaling, divination, herbs, essential oils and also movement, each month there will be either a pilates or yoga video for you to follow along too.  As I believe when we are connected to our bodies, we are also able to connect on a deeper level to the Divine.


This course has been a labor of love, one that has taken years to create.  As someone that has taken so many different types of course both on line and in person, I felt that in my journey, the personal one on one experiance by emailing and getting feedback was the most inspiring way to learn.  The Red Tent Forum will serve as a beautiful community, however when it comes to our deep spiritual work doing so in a group can be rather intimadating, and I didn't want anyone to have to feel that way.  The feedback was also a huge thing for my growth, it encouraged me and was the exact push I needed at times to keep going with my work.  I've done courses on platforms like teachable where you just go through each module, there is no real connection there and for me it wasn't as inspirational.  I received wonderful information, but if it wouldn't of been for my other studies, I never would of known if I was interpreting the material correctly.  So my goal was to have a course you could work with on your time, but also have support from me at all times.

I realize a 19 month commiment is alot and for some it will take even longer and that is perfectly fine, however everytime I thought about breaking it into different parts, I would receive a clear message not to.  I know that by commiting yourself to the journey of The Path of The Radiant Goddess, you will see great transformation in your life.  My goal is to watch each of you find your own calling as Priestesses, to be able to reach out and help others transform their lives.  

19 Moons Priestess Studies

The Path of the Radiant Goddess

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