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There was once a time that woman gathered together to tell their stories, heal their wounds, find support, discover the mysteries of being a woman together and to empower each other.  There is something magickal that happens when woman gather together.  Unfortuately, times have changed, we no longer experiance the monthly blood the same time each month, we became to busy to set aside sacred time to bond with our sisters.  And this is where The Red Tent Forum comes into play.  Here we can gather and offer the same love and support no matter what time of the month it may be and at any time of the day.  Here we can feel safe to share all of our challenges and dreams, free of judgement and be supported by our sisters from all over the world.  And here we are not overwhelmed by the nonsense that is now social media. When you come to The Red Tent Forum, you know exactly what to expect, without being bombarded with constant advertisements.

Here are just a few things offered in The Red Tent Forum

•Healing Sanctuary

•Moon Magick


•Women's Mysteries

•Safety Shelter

•Monthly Goddess Studies

•Monthly Book Club

•Share Your Art

•Market Place (all members can sell goods & services here)

•Discount on Future Courses

Price: $29.00 yearly

The forum is a private space for women to build safe relationships with each other, which is why our questionaire for joining has a few peronsal questions in order for us to verify who you are.  Once approved, we will email you a link to submit payment and login. This takes a few extra steps, however it's important to us that our members feel safe in this sacred space.

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