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Sorcha Aelfrun Starr, Mystic, Priestess, Druidess, Yogi, Pilates Instructor, Artist and Magick Maker.  She has been studying spiritualism for many years, taking courses in a wide range of mysticism, from Thetahealing, Reiki, Druidry, Wicca, The Divine Feminine, Red Tent Facilator and Shamanism.  Her goal was to learn from many mentors and teachers, so that she could one day create a learning experiance that combines them into a deep spiritual experiance for those drawn to her work.

Through her art she has helped many families all over the world, find comfort with grieving the loss of a baby, as she too knows the heartache.  And through her professional life as a Pilates and yoga instructor she has helped women find their confidence, strength and understanding of their mind, body connection.

She is also trained in breathwork and meditation.  A firm believer that our bodies are capable of healing itself and constantly strives to learn more in order to continue to heal herself and share what she learns with others.  This sisterhood is her dream to be able to reach out to more woman, to share and help, even if it is just by telling her own personal stories of heartache, heath battles and hardship, so that others will know they are never alone in their struggles.  The beauty of her story is that there has been a happy ending and a happy future to look forward too.  Although she still lives with chronic health issues, she no longer feels hopeless, instead she has found her power, the love of her life and true joy.  These are also the things she believes all women deserve to find in this journey of life and she hopes to be able to help others in their journey to find them.

Her way of teaching is not about her way, instead she guides her students to find their way.  She teaches you to find your own inner Priestess and only then can you truly find the spiritual path waiting for you to embark upon.  Through life experiances she has been able to find peace with grief, escape abuse, over come PTSD, find forgiveness, manage chronic illness and find true meaning to this life.  Her optimism and openness of her own struggles is exactly what makes her as a teacher unique.  We can read and learn everything there is out there, but only through life experiances can we ever truly understand, and even then she knows that each persons journey and path are completely unique to them.  

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