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•We are the Priestesses of the old religion, we honor and walk with the Goddess.

•We celbrate the Wheel of the Year, the cycles of the moon, the season and our lives.

•We cherish and honor the Earth and all of her creatures, we strive to protect and heal them.

•We respect and celebrate both the light and darkness, and all halves that make a whole.

•We are commited to living our lives with integrity.

•We take our spiritual path very seriously, yet strive not to take our egos too seriously.

•We seek to live and work in a mindful and spirutal way.

•We are commited to our own spiritual development and personal care, we strive to maintain our             physical, mental and emotional health to the best of our abilities.

•We are personally responsible for knowing, expressing and holding our own boundaries.

•We acknowledge that we have access to immense personal power through the Goddess and vow to use that power responsibly.

•We accept the responsiblity for our behavior, actions and choices.

•We strive to be honest in all of our interactions, because we know that our words are sacred.


•We treat our sisters and ourselves with respect, kindness, patience, honor and love.

•We do not engage in gossip about our sisters or our community.


•We believe that our community should always be a place of safety for our sisters and commit to keeping our community a judgement free zone.

•We are committed to mindfulness, truth, transparency, respect, and integrity in all of our actions and in communicateion with our sisters.

•We honor and respect the well being, needs and free will of our sisters.

•We open our hearts and commit ourselves to peaceful exchange, cooperation, and kind thoughtful communication within our community.  We honor each person's      unique individual expression of Self and respect their beliefs and thoughts, even when they may be different from our own.


(This last one is especially important for when responding to a post on The Red Tent Forum)

•We only offer advice when asked, instead we respond with "I" statements.  This means when responding to a post we are responding with our own stories, our own  examples of similar situations in hopes to help and/or encourage our sisters.

         -This rule helps to protect us from well-meaning, yet misguided advice.

         -It discourages the "know it all mentality", that we can at times get caught up in.

         -It empowers the individual to read other peoples' experiences and choose what resonate for them without confusion or


(I would like to thank two of my mentors Lady Jesamyn from The Women's Mystery School and Grannymoon from The Goddess School, who have both taught me the importance of a strong code of ethics within a women's circle.) 

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