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Daily Devotional Practice - Week 5
Invocation of Goddess, More Prayer and Divination

Well here we are at week 5, next week we will have a review of everything but for now we will get right to Invocation.

What does invocation mean?

Invocation is the act of calling upon a deity, spirit, ext., for aid, protection, and/or inspiration.  It's a form of prayer, you are invoking The Goddess' presence to be with you as you perform your daily practice in this case, but you would also invoke her for ritual and spells too.  Just like last week when we called upon the elements, we were inviting them to our sacred space, another word would be invoking them.


 An Invocation can be as simple as "I call upon the Goddess Brighid, I ask for your presence in my circle today, to guide me with my practice.

Here are a few examples of invocations you could use in your practice.

Brighid, I call upon you now.

Light the fire inside my heart, 

Be the light that guides me.

Travel with my every step,

I follow the path you tread.

I call you from the heart, be here now.

Blessed Be!

I call upon our Mother Goddess, Lady of the Moon, The Wise One

I invite you to come join my circle

May you bless me with your presence, guidance and protection

May you bath me in your ever loving, nurturing light

In perfect love and perfect trust, I honor and welcome thee.

Blesses Be!

The best invocation will be one you create yourself, the samples are just ideas, it can be as short or as long as you would like, as we spoke of in lesson 2 its about your intention that matters.  You don't have to be a poet to get the Goddess' attention, if your intention is pure and your calling her with love, she will be there with you.

Just like releasing the elements from last week, we must also thank and bid the Goddess farewell too at the end of our practice.  

For my daily practice I showed you an example last week, I make my invocation rather simple, calling upon the all at once, here is my invocation for my daily practice.

"I call upon the four sacred directions, East, South, West, North

The sky above, the land below, the ocean all around

And the sacred flame that dwells within my heart.

I call upon the land and animal spirits of the place.

I call upon my loving ancestors both known and unknown.

I call upon my spirit guides and guardian angels.

And I call upon the Goddesses Brighid, Frigg, Arianrhod and Olwen

With deep love and gratitude I ask for your presence in my circle today."

I end my practice with the following

"Thank you all from my heart

Brighid, Frigg, Arianrhod and Olwen.

My guides and angels, my ancestors the spirits of this place

And the four sacred directions.

With deep love and gratitude I bid you all farewell.  (if its night time I add) and goodnight.

I then extinguish my candle and as I do so I imagine my circle's energy being grounded back into the earth and I state

"This sacred space is closed but the blessings continue to flow"

Now let's talk about Divination, honestly I could create course after course about all of the forms of devination there is out there, from tarot, oracle, runes, dreams, pendulum, muscle testing, I mean seriously the list goes on and on.  These are all tools of connecting to Goddess, our higher self and our guides.  One thing I feel strongly about is that in my divination practice it is never about fortune telling, instead its about guidance.  So for example, lets say you are trying to get a new job, instead of asking if you will get the job, ask for a message on the steps you need to take to get to that job.  If you believe in free will, then you can understand where fortune telling would go against that.  We have the power to make the decisions to change the future, so my advice use your divination practice as a way of receiving guidance.  I would suggest you try multiple forms of divination, until you find what feels right for you.  In this course we will stick with discussing the two most popular the Tarot and Oracle cards.

Because this is a daily practice, we want to keep it simple, no need to pull spreads for the day, plus this is a beautiful way to really get intune with your cards.  So we will be pulling just one card.  Your first step is to think of your intention, what is it your would like to receive guidance on?  For me I usually stick with, "give me a message on what I need to focus on today"  from there you begin to shuffle.  Once you feel like you have shuffled the deck to your liking, repeat your intention and blow it into the cards.  Now you can either cut the deck a few times and then take the top card, or you can scatter the cards and pick the one you are drawn to.

Now that you have your card in front of you its time to understand it's meaning.  Before running to the book enclosed in your decks, take some time to really look at the card, the colors used, what the image is portraying, how the card itself makes you feel.  If you want journal your thoughts.  This could be where you take time to do your daily meditation, to now quite the mind in order to receive any additional messages from Goddess or your guides to help you understand the card or to add to the meaning of the card.  The meditation could be as simple as setting a timer for 3 minutes, closing your eyes as you hold your card and allowing yourself to just be intune with your breath.  Once your done then you can go to the book or the internet to find more meaning to the card, but remember trust your gut regarding the message the card is trying to tell you.  Experiment with this process, really allow yourself to open up, this is how you will grow your intuition.   Perhaps at first you will not be able to understand the message, thats okay, keep the card in mind throughout your day, I'm willing to bet you'll understand it as your day continues.  

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