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Daily Devotional Practice - Week 2
Prayers​, Intentions and Gratitude

I realize that the word prayer for some may feel uncomfortable, as many relate it to the Christian religion, however prayer is just a way to speak to the Divine, Goddess, your guides, or whomever you are calling upon at that time.  Prayer can be as simple as O Goddess Bless my day, to a beautiful written poem.  I'll be sharing some of the p[rayers I use in my own daily practice, but I do want to encourage you to try to write a few of your own or just speak what is on your mind at that time.  And this is where intentions come in.  I always want to remind you that there is no right or wrong way to practice your spirituality.  This course is just a source of ideas for you, a way to start fidning your daily structure in your own practice.  The bottom line all that matters is your intention.  Just the intention of setting aside a few minutes each day to clear your mind and to connect to the Divine is enough to start to make great changes in your life.

Now lets talk about gratitude.  When we speak of prayer we often think of it as asking for something, watch over me, protect me, guide me, but what about giving back to Goddess?  The greatest offering you can give Goddess is your gratitude.  I personally like to end my daily practice with stating what I'm grateful for from that day, but perhaps you would like to start off with this.  I don't care how bad your day may have been there is always atleast one thing you can be thankful for.  When we get in the habit of gratitude, we begin to start viewing the world in a very different way.  

This week I want you to continue the meditation from last week of finding your sacred space, if you don't need the recording thats great but if you do, please use it.  I also want you to practice The Sacred Flame Meditation daily.  Use one of my samples of prayers or find atleast one prayer that feels right for you and last I want you to write in your journal 3 things you are grateful for each day.  If you practice in the morning write about what you are grateful for from the day before, if you practice at night, write about what you are grateful for from that day.

Email me a response to each of the following questions;

Did you find a prayer that felt right to use?

What prayers are you using, if it's one you found or created I would love for you to share.

Do you understand what it means to have clear intentions?

We are now done with our second week, are you finding it easier to make time daily for your practice?

How did the gratitude assignment feel for you?  

Did you find the Sacred Flame meditation helpful to connect with Goddess?

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